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Thank you

Thank You for Choosing Irish

At Irish Carbonic and Irish Propane, we are always grateful to the loyal customers and neighbors who have kept our family businesses up and running since 1932 – and for the opportunity to serve new customers as they join the Irish family. But this week – Thanksgiving week – we are particularly grateful. We are grateful […]

Red wine toasting

A Toast…to Dry Ice!

You probably know dry ice as the cool stuff you add to a drink or bowl to create creepy Halloween fog – or the stuff that helps you ship fresh food overnight, or keep frozen things frozen for a camping trip. But did you know dry ice can be used to make wine? Now you […]

Pouring beer

Troubleshooting Foamy Beer

A foamy beer pour is frustrating for your servers and your customers – but to stop the problem, you need to know what’s causing your suds to overflow. Here are seven questions you’ll need to ask to diagnose a foamy beer problem. Are you pouring the beer properly? Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle […]

Give your Halloween party a BOOst with dry ice from Irish Carbonic

Want a new way to scare up some Halloween fun in your Buffalo- or Rochester home, office, or restaurant? Pick up some dry ice from one of our convenient locations and get busy creating! Dry ice is the perfect way to up the spooky factor for your Halloween party – whether you want to make a smoking […]


Inching Towards Oktober: Time to Clean Your Beer Lines!

September is flying by us here in Rochester and Buffalo – bad news if you like the summer, but good news if you’re a beer fan. It could be great news for your bar or restaurant, too – IF your beer taps are up to the Oktoberfest challenge. Make sure they are with expert beer […]

Cocktails and soft drinks

Add Flavor and Fizz to Your Drinks Menu with Bulk Beverage Products from Irish Carbonic

Does your restaurant or bar menu suffer from bland, boring beverages? Perk up your potables with bulk beverage syrups from Irish Carbonic. Irish Carbonic offers the flavorful faves your customers crave in a wide range of containers and delivery systems. Best of all, we sell, install, and maintain all the beverage dispensing systems you need […]

Extend the outdoor season at your restaurant or bar with propane deliveries from Irish

Labor Day is behind us, which means cooler weather will soon be on the way to Buffalo and Rochester (sorry folks, we’re only the messengers here). If you’re a restaurant owner with an outdoor deck or patio, September is a time to put a plan into action for the crisp days and evenings ahead so […]

Dry ice experiment

Make Back to School Cool: Three Science Experiments Using Dry Ice

It’s back to school time here in Buffalo and Rochester, but that doesn’t mean fun time is over – especially if you have a little dry ice on hand. Dry ice can be a fun to use in experiments – as long as you handle it safely (see instructions below). It has cool properties (literally) […]

Ice in a cooler

Five Steps to Packing a Cooler When Using Dry Ice

As we’ve discussed before on this blog, with a little planning and a few blocks of dry ice, you can bring your favorite foods just about anywhere – even on a camping trip (good to know, since we’ve still got five weeks of summer ahead of us). But how do you actually pack a cooler […]

Fruit juice splash

Get the Juices Flowing at Your School with Juice Bulk Products from Irish Carbonic

Let’s face it: we all want our kids to be healthy, but sometimes they make unhealthy choices (this isn’t news, right?). Take school beverages, for example: with limited options available, some kids will reach for soda rather than boring old (but super healthy) water. But what if they had an option that was healthy and […]

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