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Know your bulk CO2!

Know Your Bulk CO2! What To Look For

When it comes to buying bulk CO2 – especially for food or beverage use – quality really matters. But what exactly do we mean by “quality,” and are you getting it from your current CO2 supplier? Let’s start with the easy stuff: CO2 grading. CO2 is graded based on the amount of impurities (such as ammonia, […]

How about a 10-point beer line cleaning for your Phase 4 re-opening?

How About A 10-Point Beer Line Cleaning?

Getting Ready For Your Phase 4 Re-Opening Now that Western New York has entered phase 4 of COVID re-opening, there will be lots of making up for lost time at restaurants and bars across the region. The question is, are your beer lines ready for the workout? Irish Carbonic: Expert beer line cleaning in Rochester […]

What is helium used for?

Helium: What Can It Be Used For?

Admit it – at one time or another, most of us has sucked a little helium gas from a balloon at a party to get a laugh. But helium is much more than a falsetto-producing gas. Helium – a.k.a. “He” on the periodic table – is the second most abundant element in the universe and a […]

Camping and RVing with dry ice

Dry Ice: A Guide For Camping And RVing

Let’s face it: we’re all a little stir crazy after three months of Zooming with relatives and staring at four walls. But how do we get out of the house in a safe way this summer? Your best bet might be an RV or camping trip, according to some experts. If you’re ready to hit […]

Food safety 101: Using dry ice to protect your food during a power outage

Food Safety 101: Using Dry Ice During A Power Outage

Protecting your food when electricity goes out Believe it or not, summer is just weeks away – and summer can often mean severe weather and the power outages that come with it. Once consequence of a power outage is food spoilage – a problem that can cost you hundreds of dollars and another trip to the […]

Carbonated drink fun facts

Carbonated Drink Fun Facts For You

The science of carbonating drinks with beverage grade CO2 is pretty simple: When dissolved in liquid water, carbon dioxide gas will produce bubbles for as long as it is kept under pressure – take the top off a bottle of soda and it will go “flat.” But why do carbonated drinks taste good? Here’s the deal: […]

Interesting uses for dry ice

20 Interesting Ways You Can Use Dry Ice

Think you know all the uses for dry ice? We bet you don’t! Here are 20 things you can do with dry ice, and we’re sure there are some we missed! Making plants grow faster – In small amounts, CO2 will increase the growth rate of plants. Allow the dry ice to sublimate near plants for 10-15 […]

Make carbonated water at home

Three Ways to Make Carbonated Water at Home

Carbonated water is a delicious way to wash down a great meal, especially once the warmer weather starts arriving in the coming months. But who wants to buy all that carbonated water in the store when you can easily make it at home? Here are three ways to do it: Using a seltzer bottle Seltzer […]

Bulk CO2 - a gas of many uses

Bulk CO2 – The Gas Of Many Uses

You probably know carbon dioxide (chemical formula CO2) as the gas you release when you exhale. But don’t sell the molecule short: besides ridding our body of metabolic and biochemical waste, CO2 has a wide range of uses in restaurants, breweries, health care facilities, water treatment plants, and much more. One of the fastest-growing applications of […]

Holiday beer

What Is Considered A “Holiday Beer”?

The holidays are here – time for yuletide beer! But what exactly defines a beer as a Christmas brew? As it turns out, there is quite a lot of leeway when it comes to categorizing brewed holiday concoctions – which explains why everything from a German Weihnachtsbie to a Californian IPA can bear the holiday moniker. […]

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