Blended Gases Solutions for Your Restaurant or Bar

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restaurant gas servicesAs the owner of a bar or restaurant, you pride yourself in providing your customers with the best of everything. That includes the perfect pour when they order a stout or craft beer. What’s the key to a perfect pour? Carbonation. You need the blend of gasses the brewer had in mind when crafting that beer in order to present it at its best. At Irish Carbonic, we’ll make sure you have the right gas blend for a perfect pour every time you open your tap. We offer bars, pubs, and restaurants gas cylinders and on-site blending solutions.

Gas Blends

Not all beer is carbonated using just carbon dioxide (CO2). Some varieties require a carefully measured combination of CO2 and nitrogen (N) to achieve a thick, creamy, and tight-knit foam. A CO2/N blend is also sometimes used to propel traditional lagers and ales through a draft beer system.

At Irish Carbonic, our technicians will take into account the pressure requirements of your beer system, the properties of the beers you serve, and the intentions and specifications of the brew master to make sure your customers get high quality, great looking, and great tasting beer every time you serve them.

Cylinders and On-Site Blending Solutions

Irish Carbonic offers mixed gas cylinders as well as onsite gas blending solutions for your beverage-serving business. We’ll install and maintain your blended gas system so that you’ll always be able to count on it—especially during your busiest times. If you need an adjustment or refill, we’re always there when and where you need us.

The professionals at Irish Carbonic help our customers give their customers the best. We’re in New York (in and around Buffalo and Rochester) and Ohio (in and around Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton). Not sure if your business is in our service area, click here to find out.

Give your customers the perfect pour every time. Get the perfect gas blend solution from Irish Carbonic. Contact us today to learn more.

Have a more entertaining Halloween with dry ice

dry ice service new yorkHalloween is just around the corner. If you’re looking to add more flair to your decorations and make your house one of the coolest in the neighborhood, why not add dry ice to your Halloween celebration? Dry ice is inexpensive and easy to use if you follow some simple safety precautions.

Uses for dry ice this Halloween

There are lots of ways to incorporate dry ice into your Halloween celebration this year. It’s great for adding spooky special effects to your decorations. Here are some ideas:

  • Use dry ice to add fog to a graveyard scene.
  • Use dry ice to make a witch’s cauldron appear to be smoking.
  • Add dry ice to your jack-o’-lantern for an extra eerie effect.
  • Add flair to your punch bowl or make some smoking hot chocolate with dry ice.

Click here for some step-by-step instructions that will take you Halloween party to the next level.

Whether you live in central New York or western New York, make Irish Carbonic your dry ice supplier. We’ll help you calculate exactly how much dry ice you’ll need and give you tips for making it last as long as possible.

Convenient pick-up or delivery

Irish Carbonic supplies dry ice for personal and commercial use. You can arrange to have your dry ice delivered to your home or business, or you can come and pick it up. At Irish Carbonic, we offer a variety of dry ice products and services. We also sell dry ice in diferent sizes:

  • 10” cube blocks
  • 9/16” diameter nuggets
  • 1/8” diameter rice pellets

Use dry ice after Halloween

Dry ice isn’t just a novelty item. It has a lot of practical uses. It’s commonly used to ship frozen food or medical products. So even once Halloween is over, you’ll find it useful when you’re shipping perishables to friends and family or looking to keep food cold on a camping trip. Dry ice can also do some nifty things in your home. Dry ice can help your plants grow, repel mosquitoes in your back yard, and remove old tile flooring. You can also use dry ice to make bubbly ice cream, carbonated fruit drinks, and homemade root beer.

Get the dry ice you need just the way you need it from Irish Carbonic. We’ll deliver your order when and where you want it or make it available for pick-up at either our Buffalo or Rochester location. Contact us today to learn more!

Give Your Customers the Best

restauran co2 service new yorkYou’re facing a lot of challenges as a restaurant owner. It’s always been difficult to make a profit, and these uncertain times are even more complicated. Let Irish Carbonic make one thing simple for you. Your restaurant needs carbon dioxide (CO2), and we are a reliable supplier in New York and Ohio. In addition to being dependable, Irish Carbonic is flexible enough to adapt to your restaurant’s changing circumstances and needs. We provide cost-saving, top-quality products, and technical services 24-hours a day every day. You can always count on us.

CO2 Services We Offer

If you run a restaurant, you need a bulk carbon dioxide supplier that’s available day and night. Look no further than Irish Carbonic. We work around the clock to keep our customers up and running. Irish Carbonic offers a variety of CO2 products and services, including:

  • Bulk beverage-grade CO2 for your restaurant and bar taps
  • Reliable industrial delivery of CO2
  • CO2 tanks
  • CO2 tank refills
  • Expert technicians
  • Planning services to get and keep your restaurant up and running

Don’t accept anything but the best. Let the experts at Irish Carbonic help you keep your customers satisfied. We deliver top quality, beverage-grade carbon dioxide. You’ll have the best drinks in the neighborhood and lots of happy customers. In addition to bulk carbon dioxide products and services, Irish Carbonic also provides state-of-the-art liquor management systems; soda, juice, and frozen beverage products; and helium tank rentals. Your restaurant is in good hands at Irish Carbonic.

The professionals at Irish Carbonic provide our New York (in and around Buffalo and Rochester) and Ohio (in and around Akron, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Dayton) customers with the bulk CO2 they need to keep their restaurants running like clockwork. And our expertise is unparalleled. Irish Carbonic is proudly a certified women-owned business enterprise, and we want to work for you.

Contact Irish Carbonic today to learn more about our bulk carbon dioxide products and services for restaurants. We will give you a free, no obligation estimate on reliable CO2 delivery and services for your restaurant.

beer line service new yorkBeer Line Cleaning is something that every bar or restaurant owner in Buffalo and Western New York, Rochester and Central New York cannot afford to consider.  You don’t want to serve draft beer thru dirty lines to your customers and your customer certainly don’t want to drink their draft beer that is poured thru dirty lines.  You would be amazed what a thorough cleaning of your draft beer lines every month on average would do.  I know, I’ve seen the results.

Why Clean Your Draft Beer Lines?

  • Bacteria, yeast, mold and beer stone will build up and quickly degrade the quality of the draft beer.
  • Having proteins, yeast and mold in beer lines can negatively influence beer flavor.
  • Beer stone will build up and eventually flake off on the inside of the beer tubing.
  • Bacteria can result in serving cloudy off tasting beer.
  • Bacteria can also lead to your beer smelling like rotten eggs.

We at Irish Carbonic have developed a 10 point beer line cleaning system that is performed by our service professionals that will give you, the bar or restaurant owner, the peace of mind by knowing that you are serving to your valuable customers the freshest, best tasting draft beer possible because of your professionally cleaned draft beer lines.

What Does the 10 Point Beer Line Cleaning System Include?

  1. Flush all lines with biodegradable cleaning solution.
  2. Thoroughly rinse lines with fresh water.
  3. Clean each tap faucet and surrounding area.
  4. Check that all connections are tight and secure.
  5. Check walk-in cooler temperature.
  6. Check glycol temperature and level.
  7. Check pressure settings.
  8. Clean glycol chiller condensers.
  9. Ensure beer is pouring correctly.
  10. Irish Carbonic can provide after hours service 24/7/365.

Additional Perks of Our Service

In addition to this, Irish Carbonic provides as part of the 10 point system:

  • Trained professionals for every cleaning.
  • A rotating schedule that is convenient for you, you never have to call.
  • Access to service techs for after business hours for emergencies.

Don’t you owe it to your customers, your employees, and to yourself to have the freshest, best tasting beer in town?  Contact Irish Carbonic today and set us up to come out and professionally clean your draft beer lines.  You will be amazed!

bulk co2 supplier new yorkIf you need Industrial or beverage grade bulk CO2, you don’t have a wide range of options when it comes to reliable CO2 suppliers.

But that’s ok, you only need one: Irish Carbonic.

Whether you need bulk CO2 for your restaurant, bar, brewery, greenhouse, water treatment plant, or any other gas-hungry business, you’ll need a bulk CO2 supplier who can support you any day, any time.

That’s us.

Our technicians are CO2 experts who can help you get your venture off the ground and running like clockwork. We offer:

Looking for a reliable CO2 supplier in central or western New York? You found it! Contact Irish Carbonic today for a FREE, no obligation estimate on reliable bulk CO2 services for your business.

beer line cleaning new yorkThings are really picking up for restaurants and bars here in Buffalo and Rochester after a long COVID time out – if you haven’t taken the time to prepare for the busy late summer and early fall ahead, it’s time to get moving!

Consider these essential services that Irish Carbonic offers for your local eatery or hot spot:

  • Beer line cleaning – Regular beer line cleaning is a must for a beer draft system to prevent an overgrowth of bacteria, yeast, mold and beer stone – all of which can ruin the taste, smell, and presentation of beer. Our time-tested 10-point beer line cleaning process virtually eliminates microorganism buildup and mineral deposits, so you’ll get clean, crisp, delicious tap pours every time – with just the right amount of carbonation.
  • Bulk and beverage-grade CO2 delivery and installations – Get the bulk CO2 supply and expertise you need for your restaurant from the pros at Irish Carbonic. Our 24-hour CO2 tank-refilling process includes hydro testing, leak testing and five-year recertification. New CO2 tanks in 5,10,15, 20 lb. capacities are available, along with bulk beverage-grade CO2 deliveries to ensure that you always have the best carbonated drinks for your restaurant or bar.
  • Berg Liquor Control installations – Irish Carbonic features, installs and maintains the full line of Berg Liquor Control Systems designed to prevent thousands of dollars in losses per year on overpours, spillage, theft and giveaways.
  • Bulk juices and dispensing equipment – Irish Carbonic features quality juice and soda bulk products – along with juice blends and other juice drinks—available in bag-in-box, ultrapack cartridges and bottles. We offer a full range of brands and a wide variety of delicious flavors, plus expert installation and maintenance on the dispensing equipment needed for any bulk beverage product we sell.

Get ready for a busy times at your Western NY restaurant or bar! Contact Irish Carbonic today for full-service support that will keep your drinkers happy for months to come.

beer line cleaning service new yorkThings are picking up for restaurants and bars here in Buffalo and Rochester – time to prepare for a busy summer.

One of the most important tasks to tackle as a bar or restaurant owner in the weeks to come should be to clean your beer lines. Regular cleaning is a must for a beer draft system to avoid the overgrowth of microorganisms like bacteria, yeast, mold and beer stone – all of which can ruin the taste, smell, and presentation of beer.

10-Point Beer Line Cleaning From Irish Carbonic

When it comes to professional beer line cleaning in Buffalo and Rochester, no one does it better than Irish Carbonic! Our time-tested combination of solutions and procedures virtually eliminate microorganism buildup and mineral deposits. You’ll get clean, crisp, delicious tap pours every time, with just the right amount of carbonation.

Our 10-point beer line cleaning process includes:

  • Flushing your beer lines with biodegradable cleaning solution
  • Rinsing your beer lines with fresh water
  • Cleaning each tap faucet and its surrounding area
  • Checking all connections and fittings
  • Checking your walk-in cooler temperature
  • Checking your glycol temperature and level
  • Checking all pressure settings
  • Cleaning your glycol chiller condensers
  • Ensuring that your beer is pouring correctly
  • Providing 24/7/365 service and assistance

A Schedule That Works For You

Our beer division offers a flexible cleaning schedule to make things convenient for you – simply contact us to set up your appointment. As an Irish Carbonic customer, you’ll have access to service technicians for after-hour emergencies, too – so if the worst happens, we’ve got you covered. 

Get ready for a busy summer in your Western NY restaurant or bar! Contact Irish Carbonic today to schedule your beer line cleaning so your customers can enjoy crisp, delicious pours all summer long.

bar co2 supplier new yorkAs a fourth-generation, family-owned, certified Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE), we know how important it is to deliver on the promises we make – and to give you the respect and quality service you deserve when you become an Irish Carbonic customer.

Why join the Irish family? Here are six great reasons:

  1. Top-shelf customer service. At Irish Companies, we pride ourselves in being there for you when you need us most – whether you need a liquor control system installation or beer line cleaning for your bar or restaurant, a dry ice delivery for your food delivery business, or any of our other carbonic service. Our company mission is to deliver peace of mind – and we live that mission every day.
  2. Safety. Your wellbeing is always Priority 1, so we make safety our priority for every bulk gas delivery or equipment installation and maintenance visit we make.
  3. Reliability. When we say we’ll be there, we will be – in all weather conditions and circumstances. We are committed to providing what you need, where and when you need it most.
  4. Innovation. At Irish Carbonic, we’re born problem-solvers. Whatever solution you need for your restaurant, bar, greenhouse, or any other business, we’ll figure out a way to make it happen.
  5. Community. At Irish Companies, we believe in giving back to the people who have been responsible for our success. We’ve been fixtures in our community for decades, and work every day to make life better for our neighbors in Buffalo and Rochester, NY.
  6. Experience. Irish Carbonic has been serving customers for more than half a century, and our parent company’s roots go back into the 1930s! We’ve learned a thing or two along the way, and we pass that knowledge to you with our work.

Discover the Irish Carbonic Difference: become a customer today (and if you’re already one, thank you for choosing us)!

about fizzy drinks new yorkWho doesn’t enjoy a fizzy drink?

From cold brews and refreshing sparkling water to delicious sodas and juices, we Americans love our carbonated beverages. But who first thought of the idea of putting some POP in our pop?

Actually, the carbonation process was first “invented” (more accurately “discovered,” since it happened quite by accident) by a man named Joseph Priestley in England in 1767. Priestly described the “peculiar satisfaction” he found in drinking his first bubbly brew, later publishing a paper called “Impregnating Water with Fixed Air.

The commercial carbonation process would take decades to perfect: finally, in 1786 in Switzerland, Jacob Schweppes developed a process to manufacture bottled carbonated mineral water based on the discovery of Priestley, founding the Schweppes Company in 1783.

It would be another 50 years before carbonated beverages were first bottled for sale, which also marked the time when companies began adding flavoring to their carbonated drinks. Once this happened, flavored carbonated beverages became a mainstay in Western culture and the drink of choice of many consumers.

Other Fun Carbonation Facts

  • Originally, carbonated beverages were only stored in bottles, because cans would explode when left in storage.
  • In the United States, carbonated water was known as soda water until World War II, due to the sodium salts it contained. During the Great Depression, it was sometimes called “two cents plain” – a reference to its being the cheapest drink at soda fountains.
  • The term seltzer water derives from the German town of Selters – a location known for its mineral springs.
  • Interestingly, few guidelines for ideal levels of carbonation exist. Sodas tend to be highly carbonated – sparkling drinks and champagnes less so.

Irish Carbonic will help you put some fizz in your biz

Did you know that Irish Carbonic offers a full range of syrups and flavored drinks for just about any container or delivery system, including bottles, ultrapack cartridges, bag-in-box, and more?

We’ll supply these delicious drinks and more, with professional beverage system installation and maintenance service for the full gamut of dispensing systems, plus beverage grade bulk CO2 deliveries and more.

Add a splash of flavor to your bar or restaurant with delicious beverage syrups from Irish Carbonic – or let us install or maintain your dispensing equipment to keep the drinks flowing, properly carbonated, crisp, and fresh all fall and winter long. Contact us to learn more or to get a FREE, no-obligation estimate on a beverage system installation today!

dry ice recipes new yorkThink dry ice is only fun on Halloween? Think again! Here are three great ways to use dry ice as things start to heat up here in Western New York (just remember to always use dry ice safely!).

Using Dry Ice For Bubbly Ice Cream

Did you know that dry ice can help you make your ice cream more fun and refreshing? That’s because dry ice gives ice cream a bubbly texture when carbon dioxide gets trapped inside it.

To make bubbly ice cream, simply add crushed dry ice to a large bowl half-filled with ice cream, stirring the two until they become too difficult to mix (a plastic bowl is preferred to glass or metal bowl, which conduct cold too easily and can give you frostbite while handling them). Once the two are mixed, let your creation thaw until it’s soft enough to stir again. Then eat and enjoy!

Dry Ice Carbonated Fruit Drinks

Who doesn’t love fizzy drinks made from delicious fruit like strawberries, oranges, bananas, apples, and grapes? To make them, simply cut your fruit into thin slices, then place them on small chunks of crushed ice in a plastic bowl. Allow the dry ice to sublimate (melt, or turn into a gas); as it does, your fruit will get fizzy and frozen (in about 10 minutes).

Homemade Root Beer With Dry Ice

Root beer is a fun refresher to have on-hand for spring cookouts and parties! To make five gallons of root beer, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A five-gallon plastic container
  • 2.5 gallons of cold water
  • 2 Lbs. sugar
  • 1 oz. root beer concentrate
  • 2.5 pounds of crushed dry ice

Add the sugar to the water in your plastic container, stirring until it is totally dissolved; then add the root beer concentrate. Once the concentrate is mixed in, add the dry ice and loosely close the container using a vented lid (do NOT close the lid tightly, or it might explode!). Leaving the lid loosely closed will slow the sublimation of the dry ice so it can dissolve as carbonated bubbles in your drink.

Looking for a reliable dry ice supplier in Rochester and Buffalo, NY? Irish Carbonic is it! Contact us today to learn more about dry ice deliveries in Buffalo, Rochester, and other nearby areas in Western NY State!

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