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Certified Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
Restaurant bar

Trouble Brewing? Call the Beer Pros at Irish Carbonic

Serving quality beer is one of the best ways to set your bar or restaurant apart from the crowd these days here in Buffalo and Rochester. But nailing the nuts and bolts of a new beer line – especially one that serves today’s one or more of today’s more demanding craft brews – is a […]

Bartender cleaning

Spring: The Perfect Time for a Beer Line Cleaning

In full spring cleaning mode at your Buffalo- or Rochester-area restaurant or bar? Don’t stop at polishing up your taps and giving the place a good mopping – finish the job by giving your beer lines the once over before the spring rush gets underway. Yes, spring is the perfect time for a professional beer […]

Blocks of dry ice

Shipping with Dry Ice: The Basics

Dry ice is the perfect way to send perishable foods to a loved one or customer – but shipping with it does require some special considerations and preparation if you want your precious cargo to arrive safe and fresh. Here are some basics to shipping with dry ice: Purchase quality dry ice – Buy your […]

Soda CO2

Two Questions to Ask Your CO2 Supplier If You Serve Beverages

Do you know what grade of CO2 gas you’re receiving from your current supplier? Consider the following chart: CO2 Purity by grade Research 99.999 Supercritical Fluid 99.998 Laser 99.95 Anaerobic 99.95 Beverage 99.9 Food 99.9 Bone dry 99.8 Medical 99.5 Industrial 99.5 The biggest difference between the grades are the amounts and kinds of impurities […]

Nursing home serving juice

Juice up Your Nursing or Retirement Home with Bulk Beverage Services from Irish Carbonic

If you own or manage a nursing or retirement home, chances are you’re on the lookout for ways to increase the daily calorie count of your residents. One easy and healthy way to do this is by serving delicious 100 percent fruit juice. Juice is high in calories and easy to drink, and the fruit […]

Women drinking beer

Gassing up Right: the Key to Serving Quality Craft Beer

Let’s talk about gas for a minute. No, not that kind (this is a family blog). The kind that’s in the beer you’re serving in your restaurant or bar. As you probably know, that gas is more than likely beverage-grade CO2 – and if it is, you’ve come to the right website, since we have […]

Certified woman enterprise

Irish Propane and Carbonic: A Certified Women’s Business Enterprise

Many companies these days are looking for ways to bring aboard more diverse suppliers to partner with – whether because they have a formal mandate to honor or simply because they think it’s the right thing to do. If your business is one of those companies, Irish Propane and Carbonic can help. That’s because we’re […]

Questions and Answers

Emergency Cold Weather Questions and Answers

In recent weeks, we’ve seen many cold weather records shattered in the northeastern US, and more bone-chilling weather is on the way. Here are answers to some important questions to keep your family safe during this dangerous cold snap. Q: Do you provide 24-hour emergency service? A: Yes, for our current customers. Our teams are […]

happy holidays

Wishing you a Warm and Safe Holiday Season!

The holiday season is once again upon us – and with it comes another opportunity to thank you for being an Irish Carbonic customer. As we approach the holiday, please let us know if there’s anything we can do to keep your bar or restaurant up, running and productive during this busy time of year. […]

Three Questions

Three Questions to Ask a Prospective Propane Supplier

[avatar user=”Greg Wasson” size=”75″ /]If you’re looking for a new propane supplier, you’ll find there is no shortage of options to choose from. The question is, how do you separate the good from the not-so-good candidates? Here are three key questions for your propane supplier-to-be to help you make your decision: Do you have any […]

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