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Our incredible product line is available in Post-Mix Bag-in-Box & Figal Cannisters. Premix Figal Cannisters are also available.

Irish Carbonic was the first company in our region to pioneer the use of shelf-stable bag-in-box juice & dual-use bar guns to dispense juice & soda pop. we are committed to providing quality products dispensed with innovative, reliable dispensing equipment.


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Since 1905 an American icon known for industry firsts:

  • First aluminum can
  • First 16 oz. bottle
  • First low calorie & caffeine-free diet cola

We Proudly Distribute 7up…The Uncola and Canada Dry Mixers.



soda pop

Irish Carbonic proudly distributes a local brand that costs less than the national brands for customers that want an excellent tasting product for less money while still enjoying Irish Carbonic customer service.  Johnnie Ryan products are part of our EXTREME value package.