Helium Tank Rental

Pump up your next event with a helium tank rental from Irish Carbonic

Nothing says “celebrate” quite like a room full of balloons—so why not rent a helium tank for your next event?

A helium tank rental or helium tank exchange from Irish Carbonic provides an economical way for you to bring the joy of balloons to your next event. Rent your own helium tank and you will:

    helium tank rental

  • Make any event special—Fill your event with balloons for your birthday party, graduation celebration, wedding or anniversary reception, baby shower, school dance, church gathering, corporate event, grand opening and more.
  • Bring the party theme home—Balloons can really hammer home the theme of your partywhether it’s a 1980s throwback, a sci-fi fantasy or anything else you can imagine.
  • Keep things simple—Our helium rental tanks are easy to operate and transport; they come in several sizes, too. Contact us to learn more.
  • Save money—Filling balloons with helium yourself will almost always cost lest than buying prefilled balloons. In fact, if you throw parties regularly, you might even invest in your own refillable helium tank. We do helium tank refills, too.
  • Stay safe—Helium is a nonexplosive, nontoxic and inert gas. Just follow a few simple instructions and you’ll always stay safe!

Helium tank size guide

It’s helpful to know how many balloons you intend to fill so you can determine size of tank you’ll need to rent. Here’s a guide to get you started:

Tank Size Number of balloons
9″ 10″ 11″ 12″ 14″
50 cu. ft. 170 150 100 85 50
80 cu. ft. 280 150 130 95 80
120 cu. ft. 390 370 240 225 120
195cu. ft. 721 650 390 375 195
213cu. ft. 788 710 426 409 213
242cu. ft. 895 806 484 465 242
285cu. ft. 1,054 995 570 548 285

Helium tank accessories available for rent

helium tank rentalNeed more than just a helium tank? No problem! We also rent mylar balloon regulators, helium tank protective covers and other helium tank accessories. Contact us for details.

Make your next party a lighter-than-air affair! Contact us today for anything you need in helium tank rental within our NY service areas.

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